Installing 12” Hardwood Tiles to Walls

Our 12” x 12” hardwood tiles can easily be installed to walls, making them a great alternative to a traditional backsplash. They can also be sealed making them water resistant and perfect for kitchens.

Step 1- Plan Your Project

Carefully measure the desired area to which you are applying the backsplash. If you wish to mix our tiles to create a unique pattern it is incredibly simple, and we are happy to assist you in the design process. If the area you’re installing in is not an exact fit, we suggest using a contractor or builder to cut the tiles to your specifications.

Step 3- Apply Adhesive

Using liquid nail is a really simple way to adhere the tiles to your existing surface. The best part is, you don’t have to deal with mixing any special grouts or a messy cleanup. Simply start with the bottom row of tiles so that it lines up with your countertop and work your way up. A dollop of hot glue can be use on each corner to help the tiles stay set while the adhesive is drying. Adhering the tiles with finishing nails is also another suitable alternative.

For renters, we suggest using a removable but extra strong glue dot. You can find a link to that product in the FAQ section of our website.

Step 2- Visualize Your Layout

Once you have received your tiles, unpackage immediately and inspect each one to make sure there are no damages. Laying the tiles out on the floor will help you refine your design before you put it on the wall. Taking a photo of your layout for reference is also beneficial.

Step 4- Installation

Our tongue and groove system makes installation a snap. If your backsplash is near a wet or high traffic area, applying an added protective sealant after installation is highly recommended. This will help protect the area where the tiles meet from damage. Please see our website for compatible options. To finish your project, cut trim to the needed size for the edging or use a clear silicon caulking. Enjoy your new backsplash and spot clean with a damp cloth as needed.

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For your convenience, click HERE for the printable version of these instructions.