Bathroom Makeover with Mirth Studio's Starburst Peel & Stick Wallcovering

So over this past weekend, I felt the New Year urge to tackle some home projects and I finally had the opportunity to use Mirth's very own Peel and Stick Wallcovering! I thought I would share my experience with the installation as well as some of the finished pictures of my bathroom.

I started the project on Friday evening with lots of enthusiasm! I had never installed any type of wallpaper so this was all new to me but I had a pretty basic idea as to how to do it. I cleared off my 10' kitchen island so I had a nice big area to measure and cut then I went about the installation. I choose the least visible corner of the room to begin in case the pattern was not going to meet up exactly at the end. Then I was off with a bang! In no time I had several walls completed and truly was surprised just how easily it applied to the wall. A beautiful thing about our Mirth Studio wallcovering is that it is repositionable so you can always get a second try if you are not happy with the placement. Something to note: Make sure to be careful so that the backing does not stick to each other. I learned from experience that it’s not impossible, but hard to pull apart!

In only a couple of hours, most of the large walls were covered! Feeling accomplished, I decided to leave the smaller fragmented areas for the next day. The most tedious part did prove to be finishing off these areas. It took time to measure and accurately cut the last remaining pieces.

In under 5 hours, I had transformed my boring bathroom into something really spectacular and it was as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1- Measure and cut

2- Apply and Smooth 

3- Enjoy!


1. Always start from the top of the roll so the wallpaper will always be installed in the same direction.

2. A mat knife, scissors, a tape measure and a straight edge will be a necessity.

3. I smoothed the bubbles out using my palm but a rubber spreader would’ve also been helpful.

4. I was super amazed at how the defects in the wall from a very poor paint job completely disappeared when the wallpaper was installed.

5. I did mix up some touch up paint to match the background color just for small touch ups (This can also be matched at a paint store)

6. I loved my decision to use a busy pattern, it helped to hide any oddities. I choose our Starburst pattern.

If there was one negative about my installation experience it would have to be the waste.

Our wallcovering is made from a synthetic poly-blend with a repositionable adhesive so it comes with a silicone paper backing like many peel and stick products use. After the installation I ended up with quite a lot of the silicone paper backing. You can always keep it if you think you are going to remove it at a later date, but I really wasn't sure what to do with mine as I did not have any intention of removing it. After some googling, I sadly realized that the material is not something that can be recycled in the USA even though many other countries are able to recycle it. With Mirth Studio being an environmentally conscious brand, this really bummed me out. 

After some thought and research, I discovered that we can actually recycle this ourselves by reusing it! I’m thrilled to announce that from now on, we will be sending prepaid envelopes with all our peel and stick purchases so that our customer can send the waste products back to us to reuse if they have no need for it. This way we can help keep the material out of the landfill.

Hope you enjoyed the post and until next time!

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Dream Worthy Vacation Destinations

With Winter upon us, those of us here at Mirth can't help but dream up some warm vacation spots we would like to visit! Hotels are nice but vacation rentals have a special place in our heart. We've been seeing so many fabulous ones these days that we are ready to pack our bags.

West Elm announced last February that a home they designed with Acme House Company for Modernism Week would be available as a vacation rental. The home is in the El Mirador neighborhood and has been totally transformed. No detail was overlooked. It has new paint, beautiful wallpaper, a backyard oasis complete with a pool and hot tub, and unique art work/murals from artists that are local to the Palm Springs Area. If you are curious, be sure to follow along with their hashtag #TheWestElmHouse.


During our search, we also discovered that one of our favorite furniture designers have vacation homes for rent!

So much incredible furniture in one place? Count us in! And could you imagine lounging by that pool?

ModShop has other vacation rental homes available in Miami Beach, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, and the Hamptons that are all equally praiseworthy so be sure to check them out before booking your next adventure.

ModShop's Waterhouse Miami Beach Rental is pictured above. If you're interested in booking a trip, contact Beverly at  to check on availability for any of the ModShop Modern Vacation Rental homes.

ModShop's Waterhouse Miami Beach Rental is pictured above. If you're interested in booking a trip, contact Beverly at to check on availability for any of the ModShop Modern Vacation Rental homes.


Number one our list?

Look Linger Love's Coral House!

We love following along on instagram.


Chassity and her husband renovated a historic cottage located on Bay Street in Dunmore Town, Bahamas. Only a few blocks from the legendary pink sands beaches, this rental is complete with impeccable style, a private pool, an amazing poolside bar, and an outdoor dining area.

We of course have to mention that we also LOVE that it features TWO Mirth Studio tiles!

Chassity choose two designs from our Celerie Kemble collection,

Folly (pictured above) & Quatrain (pictured below).

Find more pictures of this incredible rental below or at VRBO where you can book your own stay and find that

“Coral house is right where you want to be.”

Which is right for you... Cement or wood?

America's Love Affair with

Cement Tiles! 

We love cement tiles (which are also often referred to as encaustic tiles). The beautiful colors, patterns and patina in combination with many a hand painted floor have served as inspiration for many of our patterns as well as for the creation of Mirth Studio

In fact, when Sally Bennett, the creator and founder of Mirth Studio, was renovating her own home 6 years ago she originally thought about using cement tiles for her foyer.  "I adore the colors, patterns and patina of encaustic tiles but I decide against them for several reasons, mainly because I didn't want a cold hard surface in my home. In order to get the color and pattern I was after I thought about painting my existing wood floor but that was not ideal either as it's very labor intensive and would require finishing on site" She said. " the story goes, I accidentally invented a colorful patterned wood tile that could be easily installed and give the look of a painted floor or a cement tiles floor."

These 12" x 12" real engineered wood tiles are originally hand painted with captivating designs, printed on to the individual tiles then sealed with a commercial grade finish. We think they are great alternative to cement and here is why:


As you can see above, our 12"x12" hardwood tiles are 1/2" thick which means that you don't have to have a complete renovation or new construction to install. In fact, our tiles can be laid as a floating floor and taken up at a later date in case you move or have a change of taste. The installation process is also a lot simpler than cement tiles. Simply glue them down! Mirth Studio wood tiles come pre finished with a uv cured resin urethane so you are able to walk on the tiles as soon as the glue is dry. No grout, mortar, or sealer necessary!  They come with a 15 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty. Our tiles are also environmentally responsible. They use a small layer of hardwood, omit no VOCs and are forested responsibly. Cement tiles are also a ecofriendly choice as they are not fired in a kiln so they do not burn fossil in production. 

However, Encaustic tiles are VERY heavy which drives up shipping costs. They weight almost 3x the amount of our tiles. It is not uncommon for the cement tiles to arrive broken or damaged which can be very upsetting as you unbox your brand new tile. 

At Mirth Studio, we don't have minimums so you can order any amount that is right for your project. Customization is also available! It's an easy process that only takes 2-3 weeks.  When it comes to allergens, wood is a healthy choice for interior environments. It has no fibers, grout lines, or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens that can build up. Lastly, when it comes to caring for your floor, a simple vacuum, sweep, and a damp mop with a mild detergent will do the job. No need to worry about how to get that annoying grit off that can develop on encaustic tiles. Our 12x12 wooden tiles also will not stain, which is a common worry with cement tiles. 

So if you LOVE cement tiles like us, but are looking for a better solution, order a sample of Mirth Studio hardwood tile today. They are even more beautiful in person, all with the warmth of wood!