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Natural Walnut

  • Natural Walnut

Sizes: *NEW* 12" x 48" x 1/2" planks

Finish: Low Luster

Order Lead time: Lead times vary due to production downtime or increased demand. For the most accurate information email info@mirthstudio.com or call our office at 1-866-519-7727.

Samples: Samples will be printed on 6"x6" square tiles, 1/16th of a plank. They will give an accurate color, material thickness and pattern gauge of the design. 

Pricing:  $15.95 per sq ft

Shipping: For most orders freight shipping will most likely be the most cost effective shipping method. Please fill out our Quote Form and we will be happy to send you a quote. 

Still have questions about our hardwood planks? We are here to help! Give us a call at 1-866-519-7727.


Disclaimer:  When ordering Mirth Studio wooden planks, please keep in mind that because wood is a natural product, no two will be exactly alike. Sometimes the variation is more obvious and for this reason we recommend ordering a 10% overage in case some of the tiles do not meet with your approval. Alternately, samples may not always be an exact match to your order and may differ slightly as they are subject to different dye lots. 

Depending on the color of the tile it may be more obvious than others. Lighter color tiles show more grain than the darker colors. Sometimes the edges are rougher than others but that is because the nature of wood and not considered a defect.

Charleston Timbers -

Some basic information about Mirth Studio Wide Planks:

  • Each plank is 12” x 48” and ½” thick
  • They are pre-finished with a commercial grade non-yellowing, UV cured resin urethane that emits NO VOC's
  • They can be glued for a permanent installation or floated for future removal
  • Charleston Timbers Wide Planks are designed using a tongue and groove construction that holds them in place and adds stability
  • Coordinating Solids are availible
  • The wideplanks come 32 square feet per box—each box weighs 64 lbs

Our Environmental Conscience

  • Our planks use less hard wood than solid hardwood flooring
  • We use only a 2.4mm wear-layer of hardwood on the top and bottom of the tile
  • Only hardwood species that are in abundant supply in the US are used in Mirth Studio wide planks
  • Our UV cured finish emits no VOCs

We go to great lengths to send only planks that meet our high standards but it is important to understand that wood does sometime have flaws. Sometimes the edges are rougher than others but that is because the nature of wood and not considered a defect. If you feel you have received a defective tile, please contact immediately and we will send out a replacement.