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Sakura Wallpaper

  • Sakura Wallpaper
  • Sakura Wallpaper
  • Sakura Wallpaper

Material: Our wall coverings are available in traditional Pre-Paste paper as well as Peel & Stick vinyl paper.

Type & Size: The wallpaper rolls for both the traditional pre-paste paper and the peel & stick paper are 24" wide by 120" tall panels that measure 20 square feet per roll. The small 6"x 6" samples are also available for each type of wallpaper.

*Please Note: Ordering a test sample prior to placing a larger quantity order is recommended as all of our wallcoverings are printed to order and therefore we are unable to accept returns. 

Samples, Shipping & Lead time: Samples typically ship within a week. Rolls have a lead time of 2-3 weeks as they are made to order. If you need your order to be quicker, we may be able to accommodate your timeline for an additional fee (for questions about expediting your order please contact our office at 866-519-7727).




Choosing the right material for your project

The term “pre-pasted” refers to wallpaper that already has an adhesive applied to its back. This does not mean that it is the backing; just that an additional layer has been added to to the backing to simplify the application process. Think of the pre-pasted wallcovering like a stamp; it requires water to activate the adhesive. The pre-pasted wallcovering is most closely related to that of traditional wallpaper.

The “peel & stick” wallcovering is great for apartment dwellers or those desiring a non-permanent installation. As long as the wall is cleaned before install, this material may be moved and re-used numerous times.While the peel & stick wallcovering does have a temporary appeal, it is nothing less than durable as it is made with a high quality synthetic poly-blend vinyl.


All of our wallpaper can also be fully customized for an additional charge. This includes resizing the pattern or custom coloring.


Yes, all wallpaper pattern using pre paste rolls are pre-trimmed for butt seams. Unlike the pre paste wallpaper, all of our temporary wallpapers are produced with 2" overlap for double-cut seams. You'll only need to trim the excess of the length and around windows & doors.


All of our patterns are designed with a straight match. In trying to keep ordering and installation as simple as possible, straight matches offer the least complicated solution. The rolls easily tile along the wall.


Finding the area of your walls is similar to finding the area of your floor. To calculate the are of a wall, use the standard formula of (Length) x (Width) = Area. Measure the width of each wall that you wish to install Mirth Studio wallpaper on and add them together to get a total width. Then multiply the total width by the height of your room. Divid this number by 144 to get the square footage need to cover the walls. When taking your measurements please assume that doors and windows are not there. Mirth Studio wallpaper is sold in rolls of 20 square feet.


Here at Mirth Studio, we consider ourselves to be a green company with an environmental conscious. When we learned that the silicone paper backing on our peel and stick products that keep the adhesion from being damaged was not recyclable in the USA we were super bummed!  After installing the Peel & Stick Wallcovering, you end up with quite a bit of this extra material. We thought about it and developed a solution, our own recycling program, that will save those pages from being sent to a landfill. Please pack up the material neatly in the packaging it arrived in, and send it back to us. We even pay the shipping! We have figured out a way that will continually reuse these pages in the production of our products, which we believe is best thing for the environment. Thank you for participating in the effort to keep our company green!