Custom Carpet Orders

 Custom carpet made easy....

you imagine it, we can make it!


The process in which we have developed to produce our carpet is also one that makes it very easy to change the designs or the colors, thus making customizations options a simple, fuss free process. Our carpet is produced in the southeastern USA, which allows us to avoid long lead times.

 Please fill out and complete the custom project questionnaire at the link below.

Custom questionnaire 

We can easily change colors!

We can change the scale of the design!

We can generate complete custom design!

Typically our process begins with a collaboration between you, the customer and Sally, the owner of Mirth Studio and the person responsible for hand painting the original tiles. Once a direction is established, the Mirth team will decide if the custom design would need to be created from a hand painted original or if it's something that can be created digitally by our graphics department. This is usually dictated by the complexity of the design and/or what changes need to be made from an existing pattern from our collection.