Hardwood Wall Planks Now Available!

Installation Of 6''x 6'' Or 7.25" X 7.25" Wall Tiles

Our suggested method for installation of our wall tiles is to be glued to a clean surface using liquid nails.

When applying the glue, allow it to set up for a few minutes so that it becomes tacky and does not move after it is affixed to the wall. Drawing level guidelines on the wall prior to installing is suggested. The tiles can be cut if necessary.

As our tiles are wood, they do not need to be grouted. We do suggest however that they are coated with a compatible product after installation to seal in all the edges. The compatible product that we typically recommend in satin finish is called BonaTraffic. Additionally, The backsplash and the bottom edge may be sealed with silicone if necessary. 

Please Note: If installing tiles as a backsplash near a stove or open flame, please check the local building codes required prior to placing your order.