Mirth Studio Wide Plank Hardwood

Introducing our newest addition to the Mirth Studio product line


Patterned Hardwood Planks

It is our pleasure to announce that Mirth Studio will now be including wide-plank flooring in our repertoire. We believe this product will enliven our current portfolio and create a wholly more inclusive product in the process. All of our existing patterns will be made available on the planks.


The hardwood planks are embellished with our patterns before they are coated with a UV cured polyurethane scratch resistant finish. The tongue and groove construction of our wide planks makes installation quick and easy, furthermore the floors can be glued down or floated like traditional engineered flooring. The real walnut hardwood wear layer on top is a substantial 2mm.


Though originally born out of necessity, the introduction of wide plank flooring into our portfolio represents not a break from tradition, but a continuation of a legacy established over years of adapting to challenges in the manufacturing process. With these planks, Mirth Studio has decided to move in a direction that is simultaneously more sustainable, more accessible and more representative of our identity.


Coming soon.......Launching July 2021

Charleston Timbers Collection

Inspired by the beautiful historic city that we call home, we have created a boutique collection of traditional wide plank flooring that we have adorned with simple, elegant designs and user friendly patterns that have been hand screened on luxurious stained walnut planks.

By working with one of the finest flooring factories in the USA we have created this collection with large spaces in mind. We will be offering solid color engineered planks that have been stained in Mirth Studio's exclusive color palette and can be installed seamlessly next to our patterned flooring.


If you are a dealer looking to add this distinctive product line to your offerings, please contact us.

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