Gray Blossom Peel & Stick Decorative Floor Decals - Lot

  • Gray Blossom Peel & Stick Decorative Floor Decals - Lot

Final Sale!

Exclusive colorway on a classic Mirth Studio design! Take advantage of this great last call item before it is gone for good!

The Gray Blossom decals DO NOT match any other colorway listed for this pattern. This is an exclusive pack of 12 decals (12 SQFT). 


In Stock: One pack of 12 decals 

Note: In regards to our last call Peel and Stick Decorative Floor Decals, all sales are final and we will not be accepting any returns. We CANNOT match this colorway. Please keep this in mind before ordering. 

Size: Our Peel and Stick flooring is sold as an individual sheet measuring 12" by 12" (enough to cover a square foot per sheet).

Material: The material we print on was developed to be used for outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, stadiums and point of purchase for retail stores and malls. We have just taken this high tech material, printed it with our fabulous designs and laminated it with a heavy duty laminate. Though it is a decal, it is seriously durable!  Dirt and debris cleans up easily with a damp mop. Perfect for a kitchen, laundry room, pantry, rental home, dorm room or even a dance floor.

As this material and design have been discontinued, these decals are exclusive to our in-stock inventory. If you would like more information on this product, please contact our studio at 1-866-519-7727.




Here at Mirth Studio, we consider ourselves to be a green company with an environmental conscious. When we learned that the silicone paper backing on our peel and stick products that keep the adhesion from being damaged was not recyclable in the USA we were super bummed!  After installing the Peel & Stick decals, you end up with quite a bit of this extra material. We thought about it and developed a solution, our own recycling program, that will save those pages from being sent to a landfill. Please pack up the material neatly in the packaging it arrived in, and send it back to us. We even pay the shipping! We have figured out a way that will continually reuse these pages in the production of our products, which we believe is best thing for the environment. Thank you for participating in the effort to keep our company green!

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