Lux Patchwork Hardwood Tiles - Lot

  • Lux Patchwork Hardwood Tiles - Lot
  • Lux Patchwork Hardwood Tiles - Lot

Final Sale!


We have hand-paired the patchwork collections to be a playful mix of color and design. The final sale patchwork hardwood tiles feature a box of 12 tiles of varies designs. 

Note: There are a few tiles with slight imperfections. See the additional photos for details. Price is a reflection of imperfect tiles. In regards to our last call hardwood tiles, all sales are final and we will not be accepting any returns.  Please keep this in mind before ordering. 


As this material has been discontinued, these tiles are exclusive to our in-stock inventory. However, if you would like to purchase more of this design then it can be manufactured on our new material. If you would like more information on this design, please contact our studio at 1-866-519-7727.

Size: 12" x 12" x 1/2" (Each tile is one square foot)

Finish: Semi-Gloss




Some basic information about Mirth Studio Hardwoods:

  • Each plank is 12” x 48” and ½” thick
  • Matte, Scratch Resistant Aluminum Oxide Protective Finish
  • WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard Water-Resistant Finish
  • UV Cured, Emits No VOC
  • They can be glued or stapled for a permanent installation or floated for future removal
  • Mirth Hardwood Floors are designed using a tongue and groove construction that holds them in place and adds stability
  • Planks can be used on Floors, Walls, and backsplashes
  • Cartons contain 8 planks or 32 square feet

Our Environmental Standards

  • Our planks use less hardwood than solid hardwood flooring
  • We use only a 2.4mm wear-layer of hardwood on the top and bottom of the plank
  • Only hardwood species that are in abundant supply in the US – walnut – are used in Mirth Studio planks
  • Our UV cured finish emits no VOCs

We go to great lengths to send only planks that meet our high standards but it is important to understand that wood does sometime have flaws. Sometimes the edges are rougher than others but that is because the nature of wood and not considered a defect. If you feel you have received a defective plank, please contact immediately and we will send out a replacement.