Poppy Wall Art

  • Poppy Wall Art
  • Poppy Wall Art
  • Poppy Wall Art
  • Poppy Wall Art

Final Sale!

Our Poppy design works beautifully when hung by itself or when placed with other pieces in the collection.

Size: Each piece is 12.5" x 12.5" x 1.5" on wood/framed

Material: Engineer Hardwood Oak with hand crafted wooden frame (1.5" sturdy wood)

Shipping: This framed piece will ship within 3-5 business days. For expedited ship time, please call our office at 866-519-7727.



Here at Mirth Studio, we consider ourselves to be a green company with an environmental conscious. When we learned that the silicone paper backing on our peel and stick products that keep the adhesion from being damaged was not recyclable in the USA we were super bummed!  After installing the Peel & Stick decals, you end up with quite a bit of this extra material. We thought about it and developed a solution, our own recycling program, that will save those pages from being sent to a landfill. Please pack up the material neatly in the packaging it arrived in, and send it back to us. We even pay the shipping! We have figured out a way that will continually reuse these pages in the production of our products, which we believe is best thing for the environment. Thank you for participating in the effort to keep our company green!

Below are convenient pdf downloads & helpful links: