Temporary Wallcovering Instructions

1.     Make sure your wall is smooth, clean and painted before installation process.

2.     Our Temporary Wallcoverings come with adhesive already placed on the back, so there is no need for water.

3.     Carefully fold each end of the roll into the middle, and re-fold again (called booking).

4.     Standby for one minute to let adhesive activate.

5.     Unfold roll and place it on the wall from top to bottom. Make sure the placement is plum using a level.

6.     Use a broad smoothing brush to smooth out bubbles and creases from the middle of the roll out.

7.     Repeat process with all panels. Make sure rolls are butted up tightly to each other ensuring there is no overlap. Be careful not to get excess adhesive on printed side of wallpaper.

8.     Once all rolls are hung, trim along ceiling, floor, doorways & windows.

9.  Clean the surface of any additional adhesive with a soft cloth and water.