Bespoke Custom Tiles

 Custom tiles made easy....

you imagine it, we can make it!


The process in which we have developed to produce our wood tiles is also one that makes it very easy to change the designs or the colors, thus making customizations options a simple, fuss free process. Our tiles are all made in the southeastern USA, which allows us to avoid long lead times as well as minimum orders for custom artisanal tiles.


We can easily change color:

3 Tiles

We can easily change scale:

Scale of Tiles 

We can add hand guilding

3 Tiles

We can generate complete custom designs:

3 Tiles

Typically our process begins with Sally, handpainting an original design. The design is then digitally printed onto the individual tiles before they are sent to the final stage of production where they receive the flooring finish. In some cases, the design can be digitally created which is a more cost effective approach but the handpainted quality may not be sustained. For a small fee, changing individual colors in our existing collection is also possible. Custom design fees vary by the complexity of the design and range between $150-$500 with a strike provided for approval. After the one time design fee is paid, any quantity may be ordered. Additional strikes may require an additional fee. Lead times for custom designs are approximately 2-8 weeks. FOR THE ULTIMATE STATEMENT YOU CAN ADD A LITTLE OPULENCE TO YOUR FLOORS OR WALLS! Any of our tiles can be embellished with gold leaf for an additional customization fee: