About Our Hardwood Planks

Mirth Studio flooring was designed to enhance the beauty of your home -- but also withstand years of wear and tear.  The whimsical yet sophisticated designs are inspired by nature, exotic places and the beautiful place we call home, Charleston SC.  
Mirth Studio hardwood flooring is the first of its kind.  Our goal is ambitious -- to change the way the interior design community thinks of wood floors.  Originally introduced in 2013 as printed wood tiles, Mirth flooring has evolved, through advances in technology, into patterned hardwood planks that are easy to install, durable and truly one of a kind! 
Our flooring begins with original hand-painted designs by artist and designer, Sally Bennett.  These beautiful designs are applied to real hardwood planks in a way that not only showcases Sally Bennett's art, but also the beauty of natural wood. They're finished with a commercial grade topcoat, making them one of the most durable hardwood flooring products on the market today!  In fact, though we do not claim that they are waterproof, we have tested our planks continuously in wet conditions and found they perform very well.  Many customers have installed them on bathroom floors and as long as they are maintained properly they can be excellent for areas with moisture.
Mirth Studio Hardwood planks are available in a variety of patterns and collections.  Our Charleston Timbers Collection was curated from best selling patterns that enhance the luxurious beauty of real wood.  The designs are timeless and sophisticated and will age well in any interior setting.
Our Classic Collection includes a variety of hand-painted patterns and colors from Sally Bennett as well as our designer collaborations with acclaimed designers, Celerie Kemble and Jeffery Bilhuber. 
Our unique proprietary process allows us to create one-of-a-kind, custom floors for the world's most discerning architects and designers. Because our floors are created by hand in the USA, we're able to deliver our products within a reasonable lead time
   Beautiful designs, Natural wood, Sustainable, Durable