Frequently Asked Questions


What does Mirth mean?

Mirth: noun

Amusement, especially as expressed in laughter


Cheer, festivity, glee, joviality, merriment, joy

Does Mirth Studio offer trade pricing?

Yes! Please fill out our trade application to apply for our designer trade program.

Does Mirth Studio sell to dealers? 

Absolutely! Please fill our dealer application if you are interested in selling Mirth Studio products.

How do I order samples of Mirth Studio products?

Sample orders for all Mirth Studio products can be placed on our website. If you have any trouble or cannot find a specific product, please reach out to and we would be happy to help!

Where can I purchase Mirth Studio products? 

   Please use our Dealer Locator page to find a retailer near you If you do not have a dealer in your area, you can order directly through us!

How do I measure square footage?

You take the length of your space and multiply it by the width of the space and it will equal your square footage. L x W= Sq Footage.




Is it customizable?

Absolutely! We love getting to work with our customers to create their unique designs. Our hardwood planks can be customized in color, scale or even the pattern. Visit our Customs page for more information.

Can Mirth Studio floors be floated or do they have to be glued down?

Due to the click and lock construction of Mirth Studio hardwood planks, they can be floated on a subfloor so they may be removed if desired. They can also be glued down for a more permanent installation.

Can Mirth Studio floors be installed as inserts or inlaid into an existing floor?

Yes. Under the direction of your installer, you can use Mirth Studio hardwood planks as an "inlaid rug" or they can be placed as a decorative inlay intermittently throughout your floor area. They can be installed in an existing hardwood floor or can be placed among the Mirth Studio engineered solid of your choice.

Are the hardwoods prefinished?

Yes, all of our hardwood is prefinished. Our finish is made with the highest grade of Aluminum Oxide and is two times more abrasion resistant than standard Aluminum Oxide.

How durable are Mirth Studio hardwood planks?

Mirth Studio hardwood floors are rated for heavy residential and light commercial use. We have made it our mission to produce the most durable hardwood flooring possible. We have put them through test after test and even soaking in water for 10 days our planks remain in perfect condition. We are proud to say our flooring is more durable than most other engineered hardwood on the market.

Are Mirth Studio hardwood planks sustainable?

Yes! Because our hardwood planks are made from engineered hardwood, they use much less hardwood than traditional solid planks. They are crafted in the USA and do not contain formaldehyde. They are finished with a UV process and do not emit any VOCs.

Do Mirth Studio hardwood floors have dye lot variances?

The beauty of Mirth Hardwood Planks is that they are made from natural wood, so no two planks will be the exact same. There will be variances, so we recommend ordering a 10% overage in the case that some do not meet your expectations

Can Mirth Studio hardwood planks be installed next to existing traditional hardwood flooring?

Yes. We recommend having your installer determine how to install Mirth planks next to your existing flooring as well as whether you will need a transition strip.

Is the wood grain visible?

The amount of wood grain visible varies with each design. Mirth Studio products are made of natural material meaning variances are possible. We recommend ordering a 10% overage incase some do not meet your expectations.

How are the hardwood planks sold?

Mirth Studio flooring is sold by the square foot. Our hardwood planks are 12”x48”, and are sold in cartons of 32 square feet.


Is the porcelain customizable?

At this time, our Mirth Studio Porcelain Tile collection is not customizable.

How is the porcelain sold? 

Mirth Studio porcelain tile is sold by the square foot, in cartons of 12.38 square feet.

Where can Mirth Studio Porcelain be installed?

Our porcelain tile collection can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as well as in showers and backsplashes.

Is the porcelain slip resistant? Frost resistant? Waterproof? 

Yes, yes and yes! The porcelain tile has an exceptional rating, please refer to our Porcelain Tile Specifications page for additional information.

Wool Rugs & Carpet

How do I care for my wool carpet?

● Frequent vacuuming is the single most important care for your carpet.
● Avoid excessive agitation and heat.
● Clean spills as quickly as possible with neutral detergents and dry quickly.
● Work from the edge of the spill inwards to prevent its spread
● Remove solid built up materials with a rounded tablespoon, spatula, or edge of a
plastic scraper
● Always clean wool and wool-blend carpets using “woolsafe” products, avoiding
high pH cleaners (above 8.0).
● Avoid bleach, harsh chemicals, or alkaline household products as it will discolor
or damage wool.
● Always blot the carpet with absorbent tissue or a clean cloth — never rub the pile
● Rinse the treated area with clean water, and blot until dry
● Avoid use of the treated area until thoroughly dry to prevent rapid re-soiling
● Use a professional carpet cleaning company if needed 

Should I use a vacuum with a rotating beater or brush on my wool carpet?

To prevent possible fuzzing, we recommend using a suction only vacuum on loop pile carpets when possible (no use of rotating beater bars or brushes). We also recommend emptying the vacuum dust bag when it becomes half full to maintain cleaning effectiveness.

What if my carpet is shedding, shading, sprouting or wrinkling?

All of the characteristics noted below are considered normal as defined by the Carpet Institute of America.
● Shedding – the shedding of fibers is normal and should subside with regular vacuuming.
● Sprouting – if a single tuft extends beyond the carpets surface, simply cut it off. Do NOT pull it out.
● Pile reverse or shading – this color change may occur in various parts of the carpet, caused by light being reflected in different ways as pile fibers are bent in different directions. This is characteristic of plush carpet and not a defect.
● Wrinkling – If ripples occur, call us. It may be necessary to professionally restretch your carpet or install a new pad.

What kind of pad should I install my wool carpet over

For texture retention we recommend installing our broadloom over a 40 oz fiber cushion (synthetic felt) or rubber padding.


Are the Wallpaper rolls pre-trimmed?

All Mirth Studio pre-paste wallpaper patterns are pre-trimmed for butt seams.

Our Peel & Stick wallpaper is produced with 2" overlap for double-cut seams. You'll only need to trim the excess of the length and around windows and doors.

How do I match the pattern repeats on the wallpaper?

All of our patterns are designed with a straight match. In trying to keep ordering and installation as simple as possible, straight matches offer the least complicated solution.

How do I know how much wallpaper to order?

Calculating the area of your walls is similar to finding the area of your floor. To calculate the area of a wall, use the standard formula of (Length) x (Width) = Area. Measure the width in inches of each wall that you wish to install Mirth Studio wallpaper on and add them together to get a total width. Then multiply the total width by the height of your room. Divide this number by 144 to get the square footage needed to cover the walls.

When taking your measurements please assume that doors and windows are not there. Mirth Studio wallpaper is sold in rolls of 20 square feet.

Vinyl Decals

Can the decals be customized?

Yes, Mirth Studio Peel & Stick Vinyl Decals can be customized. We offer custom colors as well as custom sizing.

Customization pricing varies from project to project. Please reach out to for more information.

Where can I put the vinyl decals?

Mirth Studio vinyl decals will adhere to smooth clean, smooth surfaces. They will not adhere to grout lines. We recommend ordering a sample prior to full order placement to ensure they will work on your surface..

Are the vinyl decals made to order?

Yes, the vinyl decals are made to order with a lead time of 3-4 weeks.


Can I customize the color, scale, or choose my own pattern?

Yes, yes and yes! Working with owner and designer, Sally Bennett you are able to completely customize a Mirth Studio pattern, or create your very own pattern.

Please see our Customs page for additional information.


How much does a custom project cost?

There are additional design charges and set-up fees applied to custom orders. Customization fees vary from project to project. Please reach out to for more accurate pricing information.

Our custom process enables the scale, design and the color of your hardwood pattern to be totally up to you. The customization fee will include a digital mock-up and 1 square foot printed proof for approval.

Can I return a custom order?

Custom orders cannot be returned, or canceled once you have reviewed and approved a printed sample and the order has been placed. As these planks are made specifically for your project, we are unable to accept a return, or provide a credit for custom material. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive a product you love, and are happy to work with you regarding any material that you feel is not up to standard. Please see our warranty page, and reach out to for more information regarding return


What is your return policy?

  • Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving tiles. All requests to make a return after 30 days of purchase will be denied. No exceptions.
  • No return can be made until you have spoken with a Mirth Studio representative and received consent to arrange the return.
  • All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20%. The exact restocking fee will be determined at the time of return, and varies depending on the manufacturer and/or vendor the material came from originally.
  • Original shipping costs cannot be refunded, and the customer must pay for and arrange return freight to the address that we will provide when you call us to arrange your return.
  • No returns will be accepted for opened boxes. We will ONLY accept returns of material that is still in original manufacturer's packaging without any signs of tampering or damage.
  • No returns will be accepted for special orders, Last Call, custom made material, and discontinued items.

Can I return extra boxes of tile?

If you have recently ordered your new flooring with us, and have excess product after completion, we strongly suggest that you keep the extra materials. In the event that your design is discontinued, it is always recommended that you keep some extra on hand in the event that your floors need to be repaired.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Mirth Studio ships nation-wide and internationally. Please reach out to for more information regarding shipping.

How do Mirth Studio products ship?

Please see below how each Mirth Studio product is shipped.

Hardwood planks and wall planks: LTL Freight

Porcelain: LTL Freight

Area rugs and Broadloom carpet: LTL Freight

Vinyl Decals: USPS or UPS

Samples: USPS or UPS


Can I expedite shipping?

We can offer expedited shipping when available. Please email us at if you would like to see if your order is eligible for expedited shipping.