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Mirth Studio began in 2014 by offering a completely revolutionary flooring product to designers, architects and builders. We pioneered and remain the only design house in the world manufacturing our trademark patterned hardwood floor tiles. Over the years the company, which is headed up by founder and designer Sally Bennett, has seen its operation expand to include a wider variety of products including wall tiles, peel and stick floor decals and wallcovering, all featuring Mirth’s kaleidoscope of patterns, colors and designs. We recently moved to an e-commerce business model, Mirth Marketplace! We sourced new production facilities overseas for a collection of imported patterns in various types of tile. The combination of competitive pricing and designer focused designs appeal to a broader range of style conscious customers and budgets. Our new online store has something for everyone on any budget with our floor decals for example starting as low as $5.00 per square foot

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Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring


When Sally Bennett was renovating her home in Charleston, SC, she found that the type of floor she really wanted was not available in the marketplace. Sally wanted colorful floors with beautifully intricate patterns – like the ones she’d hand-painted her well-heeled clients as a decorative painter in New York. But her back would no longer allow her to spend hours in a prone position painting the floor like a reverse Michelangelo. Those days were over.

She thought about cement Moroccan tiles – they would give her the color and pattern she was after but they were too cold and hard for her living room. With practicality in mind (and a two year old) she decided wood tiles were much more “mommy friendly” than the cement versions which had inspired her. “Little heads get a much softer bump from wood than they do from tile,” she says.

She started researching and discovered there was nothing like this available in the marketplace. After months of hard work digging into the nitty gritty of the wood flooring industry (she never imagined that it would be her calling, but it suddenly seemed fascinating and glamorous), she finally hit on a manufacturing process that would produce wood tiles that were as durable as any wood floor, but with her own beautiful designs, just like she’d painted them.

The tongue-and-groove design also made the installation a breeze. It didn’t take long for Sally to realize she was sitting on something much bigger than her foyer floor.

With a portfolio of patterns in hand and a manufacturer solidified, Mirth Studio emerged right alongside her new home. “Nearly every floor in the house is a prototype,” she says.

The Team

Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring


Sally Bennett

Sally Bennett is an artist, interior designer, mother and now also inventor of Mirth Studio tiles. Her career in design has spanned two decades, three states and two countries. She continues to work out of her studio in downtown Charleston, SC. When she is not painting or working away at Mirth Studio to develop cool flooring products, she spends her time on the endless renovation of the house that inspired it all.

Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring


Rachel Rheinlander

Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring


Hannah Walters

Custom Hand-Painted Wood Tile Flooring


Jacqueline Cash