About Our Wool Collections

Mirth Studio always brings to market one-of-a-kind products. Known as a true innovator in wood flooring, Mirth Studio now introduces a revolutionary new collection of decoratively-bordered area rugs, broadloom carpet and stair runners!

From the outset, Mirth founder Sally Bennett has been committed to using environmentally sustainable materials. Now she has chosen 100% New Zealand wool – which is 100% sustainable and bio-degradable – as the fiber of choice for Mirth’s newest venture.

The joyful designs are applied to wool fibers using a proprietary method and are fabricated in the US. We are pleased to be one of two companies in the US that uses this cutting-edge technology to produce our wool carpeting that affordably mimics a wilton construction.

Sally has designed a collection of area rugs that have a traditional carpet border that compliments the overall pattern, but without the need to seam the material.

The same bordered designs are adapted to create a series of stair runner packages. Mirth Studio is the first company to offer runners with borders designed specifically for landings. Landings will be fabricated in one piece, so there will be no need for mitered corners. Eliminating mitering on landings will save on labor and avoid unnecessary seams.

Mirth Studio’s colorful whimsical patterns, in 26 colorways, are also available as broadloom. We offer standard-sized area rugs. All of the designs can be ordered as custom sized area rugs with or without decorative borders.

The Natural Benefits of Wool

Besides being the ultimate renewable fiber, as it is 100% biodegradable, we love the other benefits it has to offer. Its stain and soil resistance make it the most forgiving and easiest fiber to clean and maintain.  Wool is hypoallergenic and naturally improves indoor air quality providing energy efficient comfort all year.  It can be used both commercially and residentially and it's naturally flame resistant!





Custom Colors and Designs

Mirth Studio Wool Carpeting and area rugs can be fully customized.  We can tailor the colors to your specs or generate a full-scale new design.  Our area rugs are available in standard sizes and can also be ordered in custom sizes.