Lively Mint Stair Riser Decals

  • Lively Mint Stair Riser Decals
  • Lively Mint Stair Riser Decals

Our Lively Mint design is printed onto durable, adhesive backed vinyl, using the most cutting edge printing technology available.  The low tack, re-adjustable adhesive backing make them a breeze to install. These decals are a great solution for already installed hardwood stairs!

Make the statement you've always wanted without all of the mess of construction or paint. Simply stick our decals onto the existing risers and when heated, they will remain permanent.  They are printed on a very durable vinyl substrate that is meant to take years of abuse. It is possible to remove them but much like removing old wallpaper it my require a little "elbow grease." They have a low luster finish and can be easily replaced if damaged.


*Please Note: Ordering a test sample prior to placing a larger quantity order is recommended as our decals are printed to order and therefore we are unable to accept returns. It is also suggested to test the sample on your risers to make sure it is a suitable surface for installation. 



Our Packs of vinyl riser decals are available in 52" lengths with each pack containing 7 of the riser decals.

7 1/4" x 52" - $182

Small Samples are available for $5


The material we print on was developed to be used for outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, stadiums and point of purchase for retail stores and malls. We have just taken this high tech material, printed it with our fabulous designs and laminated it with a heavy duty laminate. Though it is a decal, it is seriously durable!  Dirt and debris cleans up easily with a damp cloth.

Samples, Shipping & Lead time: Samples typically ship within a week. The packs of 7 vinyl riser decals have a lead time of 2-3 weeks as they are made to order. If you need your order to be quicker, we may be able to accommodate your timeline for an additional fee (for questions about expediting your order please contact our office at 866-519-7727)


Because we use a repositional vinyl to print on, they will not harm the floor underneath. The adhesive is not very sticky but should adhere to most surfaces. Make sure your stairs are perfectly clean which means no wax or debris and that an amonia based cleaner has been used. After cuts are made, heat is applied to make the decals permanent.


All of our decals can also be fully customized for an additional charge. This includes resizing the decals or custom coloring. All Mirth Studio patterns can be available in our Vinyl Riser decals for a $75 setup fee.


Here at Mirth Studio, we consider ourselves to be a green company with an environmental conscious. When we learned that the silicone paper backing on our peel and stick products that keep the adhesion from being damaged was not recyclable in the USA we were super bummed!  After installing the Peel & Stick decals, you end up with quite a bit of this extra material. We thought about it and developed a solution, our own recycling program, that will save those pages from being sent to a landfill. Please pack up the material neatly in the packaging it arrived in, and send it back to us. We even pay the shipping! We have figured out a way that will continually reuse these pages in the production of our products, which we believe is best thing for the environment. Thank you for participating in the effort to keep our company green!

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