Fall Collection Launch

Wow, so here we are... the last time I sat down to write a blog post I was wrapping up what was supposed to be a year living abroad in Macau.  When I was writing that post, back in early March, the world was a much different place. Covid hadn't quite arrived in the USA then and we felt lucky to be returning to the safety of home, even if we weren't quite ready to say goodbye to Asia and all the wonders we had seen. Little did we know at the time, how much the world was about to change. 
Our biggest worry at the time was due to the pipe that had broken in our Charleston home just days before we arrived back in the USA. Exhausted and jet lagged we were welcomed home by a very large mess as a broken hot water pipe had flooded our entire master suite, home gym and connecting hallway. After catching up on sleep and meeting up with the insurance company, I realized I had a big project ahead. If you happened to catch the previous blog post, you can see what we came home to... if not, this will give you a little idea.
My head was full of patterns and colors inspired by all the wonderful things I had seen during my time abroad. I took the pending need for flooring and décor as the perfect opportunity to turn those inspirations into tiles, then eventually wallpaper and so it began....  It wasn't long after returning that due to the virus our city went into total lockdown. I set up a makeshift studio in my kitchen and between helping homeschool my 8 year old son and manage my household (all 5 of us home together again), I went about creating what was to become The New 2020 Fall Collection!
I have heard that for many, lockdown brought out the creativity in people and I certainly shared this experience. Probably to tune out the everyday trauma and sadness happening all around us,  I began to paint.... almost obsessively. To draw inspiration for the collection, I started thinking about all the wonderful places and things I had seen while abroad. Peranakan Tiles in Singapore, brightly colored markets in Vietnam and hand painted murals and textiles in India all seemed a perfect fit for the tiles I was hoping to create.
Designing for my own home has always been a joy for me so I was very happy to have another project, even if the circumstances were not ideal. I have always found inspiration from the past and particularly in mid-century design which has a strong presence in my Charleston SC home. Digging deeper into mid-century images along with the delicate hand painting I was so taken by on my travels, I went about creating the designs I wanted to use in my home. Having nailed several tile designs I felt like I could keep going.....along came the wallpaper!!
Jubilee Wood Tiles for the Master Bedroom
Olympia Wood Tiles for the gym
Patrice Wallpaper for the Foyer
 Vogue Peel and Stick Decals on the floor.
Pari Wallpaper and Inky Bud Porcelain tiles
Sonny Wallpaper and Glow Porcelain Tiles 
After several months of tweaking, sampling and prototypes I was finally ready for installation! 
The silver lining of a difficult past 6 months...
It is with great joy that I would like to announce the Fall 2020 Wanderlust Collection!
To view the collection in its entirety click here

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