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Something that has been on my mind, as of late, is how I have neglected one of Mirth’s most underrated products, our peel and stick decals! The decals were originally created for a show house (displaying mirth products) in which we were not able to install our classic wood flooring. We discovered that if we printed our hardwood patterns onto durable vinyl decals we could achieve the same look as our wood tiles, but at a much lower cost. The material we print on is a commercial grade laminate vinyl  so even though they are very thin, they are extremely durable. With so many great benefits we decided we need to offer this product to our customers.
Mirth Studio was the first in the market to fabricate peel and stick decals!  We knew it was only a matter of time before they got knocked off (which they have been, over and over) so throughout the years we have continued to focus our energy on our showstopper, the wood tiles, leaving the peel and stick on the back burner... well that is about to change!
I have recently begun renovations on my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the combination of a DIY mentality and spending the whole budget on the bones, has forced me to reevaluate products and processes that I otherwise would have overlooked. If you haven't already, feel free to take a look at my Instagram, @thehousethatmirthbuilt,  where I post updates on the Santa Fe project, but to summarize the house had A LOT of carpet, and was carpeted in places I didn't even think would be possible to carpet. In adherence to my budget, I have been faced with the difficult choice of embracing white wine and Roomba vacuum cleaners, or finding an alternative flooring that will be cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.
Of course I will feature Mirth's iconic wood tiles in some of the more formal areas of the home, but the vinyl will carry the bulk of the weight for flooring upgrades. Not to be cliché but I really didn't see the obvious, however once I leaned into the idea and began experimenting with Mirth’s Decals, I haven't looked back. I am not kidding folks, I will be putting the decals on almost every inch of my home. 
The peel and stick will save me a fortune on demo and installation to rid the master bath of its hideous tile. The powder room will also get a face-lift, which could be for a short period of time or years later when I splurge on a complete renovation. Additionally, I love that we can scale the decals to fit any size of tile, this will offer a multitude of alternatives to the ghastly dated tile that we inherited with the house. Side note, the decals could be a great product for renters as they can be removed without a trace. 
It is hard not to over indulge when Mirth’s Decals come in the majority of the hardwood patterns and are ⅓ of the cost. They have the added bonus of being completely removable and can adhere to practically any surface, they do however thrive on smooth surfaces. The decals are manufactured with a water and slip-resistant coating that is graded for commercial and residential spaces. A tip I have for DIYers interested in installing the vinyl on tile is to use “grout refresh” before you begin the project to enhance the overall cohesion and look of your new floor.
Another facet of my personal endorsement of the vinyl decals is that they are perfect for a quick change. My primary residence in Charleston, South Carolina has become a canvas upon which I am constantly testing out new design ideas, and recently I updated the foyer with the Vogue vinyl decal. The overall look is highly transformative-the decals and the Patrice wallpaper work together to immerse you in the space and you are left with a broad frame of reference to apply to the rest of the home.
If you haven't tried peel and stick decals, there is no time like the present. Though there have been copycats, we think that our broad range of unique patterns and high quality material make ours the best product on the market.
Thank you for reading all about our peel and stick decals! Because you read the whole thing we would like to offer you this discount code DECALDIY to use on your purchase.

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