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What's happening at Mirth Studio these days and what does it have to do with Asia?

Some of you that follow along with Mirth Studio may be wondering why these stories with pretty images taken in exotic locations in Asia keep popping up in our IG feed. I thought it's time to fill you in on what the heck we are up to!   I try not to get too personal on social media. I am haunted by the words of the initial social media consultant I hired when we were just starting out "stick to business and no posts of your kids no matter how cute you think they are." That said, things have changed since then and the reality is...

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Inspiring Installs - In Good Taste (A Rhode Island Bungalow Renovation)

We're over joyed to introduce you to this renovated Jamestown bungalow that was featured by Rhode Island Monthly in May. With Patty Watson of Taste and Builder Danny Vieira at the helm, this transformation is unreal. Our favorite element would have to be the back entry which features our Tumbling Blocks hardwood floor tile (We just love seeing our product installed beautifully) but we were honestly impressed with all of the design elements and changes that were made.    You can find Taste Design on Instagram @taste.interiorsanddesign or follow along with their blog.   Photography above is by Robin Ivy for Taste...

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Mirth Studio launches new ecommerce site, Mirth Marketplace

Mirth Studio is excited to announce the launch of the Mirth Marketplace, a direct to the customer online store which showcases the company’s ever-growing line of interior design products and styles!!    Mirth Studio pioneered and remains the only design house in the world manufacturing its trademark patterned hardwood floor tiles. Over the last two years the company, which is headed up by founder and designer Sally Bennett, has seen its operation expand to include a wider variety of products including wall tiles, peel and stick floor and wall decals as well as wallpaper, all featuring Mirth’s kaleidoscope of patterns,...

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A New Floor in an Afternoon with Mirth Studio's Peel and Stick floor decals

Have you ever wished that you could update your floor but you need a temporary solution or one that is budget friendly and requires no construction, glue or mess?    We've got a genius solution for you!    Our temporary vinyl floor decals are extremely durable stickers that can be applied over an existing floor or if you need a subfloor, cheap VCT works perfectly. They are about the thickness of a bumper sticker but have a serious heavy duty laminate over the top that helps them stand up to high traffic. The 12" x 12" size decals are low...

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